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Cris Cosmo

It's a lot of fun to play keyboards in this awesome band. The summer sunshine pop music with a strong political message is pretty unique to Cris Cosmo. And the band and the whole crew are simply fantastic people.

Real World Music Theory

During workshops in Italy and Germany I noticed, that people seem to dig my approach to explaining music theory. Where music theory was a boring and dry concept to them before, they now wanted more and more from me. So to help even more people to improve their songwriting and playing in an enjoyable way, I started a YouTube channel about Real World Music Theory. I also offer 1:1 songwriting and music analysis help via Skype.


An online tool for bands to plan and organize concerts.

Playing live gigs essentially for my entire life, I noticed that there is a lot of non-musical stuff to do. And most of it ended up in emails cluttering everyones inboxes never to be found again when needed. So I wrote Gixtra to relieve bands from some of the more mundane work and the flood of emails. My big mission is to give bands back their precious time so they can focus on what they do best: make music!

Hans Hiscore

I just dig the sound of the 80s! And Hans Hiscore is a duo creating brand new tracks in the style and sound of the 80s.

Plug in Baby

An electro duo with the awesome bass player Julian Michel. Trying to fuse house and club beats with the improvisational creativity of jazz.

Band Coaching

I coach bands in the business and team stuff. I help to find new ways of monetizing your brand and help to weld the band together as a tight and high performing team. Contact me on Facebook to know more.

If you're instead looking for a coach to improve your live stage presence, I whole-heartedly recommend my colleague Jens Hilzensauer. He's also a fantastic choice to get your social media channels going.